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If you are after for a perform space, someone cave, an outdoor office or perhaps an area to home based, our log cabins will provide you that much space. You will notice that we’re able to deliver as well as install all products throughout a timely method, so you don’t must wait for months to end. As quickly as we’ve
Log cabins installment your log cabin, it will be able to flip that into whatever you want it to be.

Log vacation cabin Melanie 6.8m²-

This famous log cabin Melanie 6.8m² will certainly fits completely into the corner of many landscapes which offering lots of lighting with its dual doors and windows. Regardless if you are searching out an area to relax after a hard work or even someplace to entertain friends this amazing value for a log cabin might be a remarkable feature on your property.

This log cabin has 28mm wall space, wall dimensions is 280 ×280 cm, log dimensions is 300×300 cm and peak is 297cm. The price is £1,795.50
Veronica 2 6.7 m²-

It has 28mm walls, size of 289cm, wall height is 215cm as well as the total elevation is 310cm. It is made from nordic liven and ready-made wall elements (pavilion). The top elements may also be ready-made and laminated doorway frame. It costs only £2,195.00

The products that individuals provide have the best quality and will be a minimum trouble in the installing your log cabin. Elements utilized in your vacation cabin are not going to harm your space because it is long lasting and durable. All our items are of good prices so you don’t need to break your bank for purchasing a new cabin. If you have questions or doubts then contact with our team associate. Thus help make your life comfortable with Log cabins. Using and installing it is simple and easy.

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